About me

Since July 2007 I’m Assitant Professor at Programming Languages and Methodology section of ISEL, where I have teached Introduction to Programming, Object Oriented Programming, Imperative Programming with C/C++, Modeling and Design Patterns, Virtual Execution Systems and Internet Programming.

Currently I am conducting my PhD work on concurrent programming at the Software Engineering Group of INESC ID. On December of 2005, I got an Ms.C. in Networks and Computers Systems from IST (prior Bologna requirements). In my Master Thesis I have implemented a distributed Adviser for Features Interaction (FI) Resolution in Internet. As  an Ms.C. student I have worked on Computers Science Area of DEEC from IST.

On 2002, I returned to the academic career as a teaching assistant at ISEL and a researcher at CCISEL. As a CCISEL researcher I’m involved in several projects in partnership with information systems industry. I have been author of several training courses about Windows Forms, WPF, Data Binding, CLR andTransact SQL.

On 2001 I’ve joined Quatro SI (part of IBS Iberia since 2005), as manager of Lisbon consultant team. I was also involved in some software products management (as WebCall and eTicketing) and I was leader for financial market projects.

In August of 1997 I started my professional career at Altitude Software (aka Easyphone) as a software analyst. I work on Global Professional Services for about 4 years, as senior consultant and project manager.

Between 1992 and 1997 I have taken a 5 years Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from IST. In my final course project I have developed a Robot Motion Integrated System based on Sensorial Data, at Institute for Systems and Robotics (ISR). As a student I also was a member of SCDEEC in 1996/1997